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About Us

Who We Are

Transcend IT is a non-profit organization dedicated to working with women and people of color to move into technology careers by providing a framework of education, job skills training, financial literacy, career placement and continual mentorship and guidance.

Our free program is here to provide our participants with a gateway to sustainable employment and income. Employment opportunities are out there but they are full of catch 22s, such as, needing experience or secondary education. Information Technology jobs are one of the biggest areas of growth in our economy but yet the demographic we serve is the least represented within the industry.

Our mission is to change this landscape and transform the lives of our participants by systematically guiding them into the Information Technology (IT) industry while providing supplementary services in the background.

The key to our success in accomplishing this is not What we do but How we do it. Our formula places just the right amount of responsibility on each participant and but also builds in dedicated experts to supplement the process so that the typical obstacles that are faced will be overcome easily.