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Career Tracks

Our career tracks are independent, but build on top of each other too. Folllowing the natural progression in the industrystarting at Help Desk then progressing to Network Operations and finally Network Analyst!

A highly individualized curriculum based on an individual participant's needs makes our program unique and accessible.

(Click job title to download a detailed pdf version!)

Entry Level Help Desk
Through this track participants will be prepared to communicate with various types of customers and help them identify issues they face with PC's or applications. Learning objectives will include how to handle conflict, qualify and isolate issues and remediate the issues either through resolving them individually or escalating them to another team within the IT organization. On completion, our participants will gain powerful customer service skills, understanding of ticketing systems, service level agreements, Network Management Systems (NMS), Contact Center Systems, Phone Systems, Triage of Issues, and handling Escalation Processes.

Network Operations Technician
Training in this track prepares participants to handle escalated issues from the help desk along with proactive monitoring of various networks, systems and applications. A Network Operations Technician also helps Network Analysts with small projects, which will enable to learn more about how networks work. On completion, participants will have the skills to troubleshoot and isolate big picture issues that affect broad groups in the organization, communicate clearly to stake holders of business units, explain remediation steps, balance small project deliverables, and provide high-level assistance to Network Analysts.

Network Analyst
The training prepares participants to handle escalated issues from Network Operations and Project Deliverables. At the core also lies learning to interact with project managers and take work requests from various stake holders. Network Analysts are responsible for conducting research to determine what products can help solve customer pain points or issues and proactively improving the infrastructure. The Network Analysts job is primarily dealing with owning the completion of projects such as implementing new branch offices, increasing security for public facing web sites or increasing network bandwidth to meet the demands of a growing company.